Sarah O'Regan 1961 - 1986

Sarah was born in Dublin, Ireland in September, 1961. At a year old, she went to Thailand and lived with family in the Northern Provence of Surin. At that time, there was a lot of unrest along the borders of Cambodia and Laos, so Sarah was legally adopted by her uncle and aunt. Michael and Somchai had three children of their own after Sarah's arrival, and they all lived together as a family, Sarah regarding the other children as siblings.

Sarah was a dreamer, interested only in drawing and painting and reading Thai books. On transfer to New Delhi Sarah attended the Loretto Convent School for a year, then on a further transfer to Bangladesh, she attended the American School.

At age twelve, Sarah was sent to live in Australia with her mother. In Australia, Sara attended Saint Joan of Arc School in Haberfield, going to private English classes twice a week, and later to an art class a few times a week. She attended Bethlehem College for high school and was very unhappy there, later leaving to join a Hari Krishna group in Surry Hills.

On leaving the Krishnas, Sarah returned to Australia, and completed a drug-rehabilitation program after two years. She then attended Meadowbank Art School for two years, obtaining a credit in the Art Certificate Course. She went to Europe for four months and on her return to Australia, Sarah went to the Canberra Art School to do an Arts Degree Course in Fine Arts.

During her third year there, she returned to Sydney. She died suddenly at home on 24th November, 1986. At the inquest it was determined that the cause of death was due to cardiac arrthymia caused by prescribed medicines.

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